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                    Measurement Automation
                    CATV / DTV
                    Software Development
                    Data Analysis
                    Uncertainty Analysis

We provide high quality training and consulting services for the
RF / Microwave Test and Measurement Community.

Our consultants have over 100 years of experience in a large arena of testing environments including R&D Labs, compliance labs and manufacturing. 

All our services are customized to meet customer needs. 

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Education Services:

Instrument operation - front panel, theory and automation methodology

Standards courses - ISO 17025, CDMA, CDMA2K, LTE, 802.11a,b,g,n and many more

Theory courses - RF & Microwave Basics, Vector Signal Analysis, Vector Network Analyzer Basics and Calibration, Spectrum Analysis, Cable Measusrements and Transmission Line Theory and others

Measurement Services:

On site and remote instrument assistance

Measurement design and prototyping 

Data analysis -- modeling, database archiving, presentation, trends

Measurement Automation:

Instrument programming in RMB, HP Basic, IBASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, VEE, LabView and others

Instrument macro design -- programs written to run inside the instrument and enhance its features

Test time reduction 


Proof of Performance Assistance & Measurement Training

Digital Television (DTV) Software Tools for 8VSB Transmitter Proofing (using the Agilent 89600 VSA)

Cable Television (CATV) Measurement Software (using the 89600 VSA)

Custom Software 

Software Design:

Instrument programming -- addition of new measurement capability plus automation of existing functionality

Test station programming design, writing and debugging

Data Analysis:

Curve fitting, trend analysis and statistical analysis

Model extraction to SPICE, ADS, etc.

Graphing and Presentation

Archiving and retrieval in ACCESS and SQL Server 

Uncertainty Analysis:

ISO 17025 GUM analysis for any kind of measurement