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Francis Edgington
Vice President and Consultant

Francis is a vice president of HEYS Professional Services, Inc. and an active consulting engineer for digital and analog RF and microwave measurements.  He actively participates in the CATV professional organization, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and is listed in its Speaker’s Bureau. 

He retired from Agilent Technologies (Hewlett Packard), Santa Rosa Calif. in March of 2003 after 24 years of service. 

His last 8 years at Agilent was as a Customer Support Engineer for spectrum analyzers.  As a response to customer inquires, he developed and presented Agilent’s application of the Vector Signal Analyzers for digital measurements needed in the CATV industry.  He wrote and presented training material on digital measurements at industry trade shows and local chapter meetings, and created industry specific sales tools such as data sheets and instrument configuration guides.  He has helped his customers solve real world problems encountered in deploying CATV digital services of downstream digital data/video, bursted upstream cable modem, and digital telephony.

His support of the 8591C CATV Analyzer enabled it to become the “standard” for analog TV FCC proof of performance measurements.  He wrote and delivered CATV applications training to field sales engineers, field applications engineers and customers.  Francis also assisted equipment manufacturers to programmatically measure common CATV parameters by using 8591C measurements under computer control.  He also helped equipment manufacturers use lightwave and precision spectrum analyzers for manual and computer controlled high dynamic range CATV measurements. 

He consulted with R&D to develop the CATV measurements personality on the ESA series spectrum analyzer and wrote ESA series option 227 CATV personality datasheet and set specifications. 

Publications authored or coauthored:

Digital Basics for Cable Television Systems, Prentice Hall 1999.
Next Generation CMTSs, Putting them to the test. Communications Technology Aug 2003.
Avoid Problems with Non-intrusive Tests,
Communications Technology March 2001.
Digital Channel Power Measurements
, Communications Technology September 1997.

Preparing for In-service Video Measurements, Communications Engineering and Design June 1994.
Preparing for In-service Video Measurements, Communications Engineering and Design June 1994.
Time Selective Spectrum Analysis: Non-intrusive Analysis of a Cable System, Communications Technology September 1992 and NCTA Technical Proceedings   May 1992.

Francis contributed significantly to FCC Proof of Performance, Jeffery Thomas, Prentice Hall 1995 and also contributed to measurement procedures for NCTA Recommended Practices and SCTE Interface Practices Subcommittees.

Previously, he spent 14 years as a Research and Development Engineer for spectrum analyzers.  He is considered the “father” of the 8591C by the CATV industry and internal employees since he conceptualized, programmed and set specifications for the unique non-intrusive 8591C CATV analyzer measurements.  He also designed hardware for 8590 series spectrum analyzers including nanovolt sensitivity YIG (first local oscillator) driver, FM demodulator, quasi-peak adapter and TV line trigger.  Francis also worked with the firmware team to specify control and calibration of these and many other spectrum analyzer functions.

Before joining HP, Francis was employed by Fairchild Test Systems San Jose Calif.  as a Research and Development Engineer from August 1975 to December 1978 where he served as the principle engineer for the circuit design, layout and development of linear IC test system board-level functions for: 1) voltage forcing/current measurement or current forcing/voltage measurement, 2) 12 and 14 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter measurement and 3) high voltage, switched gain instrumentation amplifier.  Additionally, he aided in system integration of these functions included troubleshooting of ground loops, ingress, and waveform settling due to interaction with long cables, relay matrix and test head high speed Pin Electronics.

His first engineering job after graduation was for Intech Inc. in San Jose Calif. from June 1974 to June 1975.  There he was employed as a Research and Development Engineer designing discrete op amps, A/D, D/A converters and an analog multiplier/divider with specifications that exceeded existing monolithic designs.


MSEE 1976 California State University, San Jose.
BSEE 1974 California State University, Chico. 

Francis served in the US Air Force as Telecommunications System Control Specialist.  He troubleshot long haul and point-to-point communications systems of HF single sideband, transoceanic cable and digital satellite from Tech Control and the receiver site.  He possessed a Top Secret / Crypto security clearance.