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Daun Yeagley Photo 
Daun graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio in 1970, and served in the United States Air Force as a Cryptographic Equipment repairman, where he held a Top Secret / Crypto clearance. 

With over twenty-five years experience in the electronics test field prior to founding Yeagley Consulting Company, Daun worked for Agilent Technologies, Inc. (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company), Tektronix, Gilford Instrument Laboratories plus other companies  in the Communications, Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical Electronics industries.

 Daun has amassed a broad base of skills and expertise in test systems, hardware, and software engineering. 

He has served as a technical consultant responsible for test systes using Agilent's commercial test executive software product, TestExec SL. 

Besides his expertise with Agilent's and other test executives, he is a very proficient software programming and maintenance engineer working with Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Agilent VEE, and HP Basic (“Rocky Mountain Basic”). 

He is co-author of the Agilent commercial software product, N9051A Pulse Measurement Software.
Daun Yeagley, II    BS Physics
Vice President & Consultant

Assisting teams within Agilent in applying test executives, he has helped develop product applications for cell phone and base station functional test. Daun’s excellent troubleshooting skills have earned him respect from customers and his peers for being able to quickly solve complex problems.

He has extensive experience consulting on complex measurement applications and teaching customer education classes for many test instruments including spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, vector signal analyzers, and complete test systems.

In addition to teaching courses on instrument theory and operation, Daun has also taught classes related to instrument automation using HP Basic (“Rocky Mountain Basic”) and TestExec SL.  Daun is an expert instrument automation programmer. 

He has continued his involvement with test systems, helping clients design and implement test systems as well as advising them on strategies and troubleshooting.  Several recent engagements have involved applications of the Agilent 89600 series Vector Signal Analyzers, a number of which were referred from Agilent. 

Daun also has extensive experience in the television industry,and has taught many classes and seminars for Cable Television Engineers on the topics of learning to perform Proof of Performance tests, understanding FCC specifications and the implementation of the return path required by cable modems used for High Speed Internet service.  He has also written programs that simplify and automate measurements for both cable operators and DTV transmitter engineers. 

He is an Extra Class Radio Amateur (N8ASB) and also a commercial pilot who flies his own Beechcraft Bonanza.  In this regard, he has provided aviation related consulting services for Agilent, the US Air Force Research Labratories, and for the aviation industry.