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Brent Reed
Brent graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.E.E. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S.E.E. in Electrophysics and has worked in many aspects of the electronics industry. Work exerpience includes eleven years at HP/Agilent as a production engineer and applications engineer plus many years as an RF designer in the cable television industry and in a plasma physics research laboratory at Princeton University.

He has experience doing digital hardware design, analog hardware design, RF hardware and microwave hardware design. With forty years of programming experience, Brent is an expert scientific and instrument automation programmer writing in C++, C#, VEE, Matlab, and Visual Basic.
At Agilent, Brent delivered education and consulting services with a focus on component test and vector signall analysis. Presently, he is an Electrical Engineering instructor for East Carolina University in eastern North Carolina.

He is a recognized expert in the field of vector network analysis and network analyzer calibration.

Brent Reed, M.S.E.E, P.E.
Duties at Agilent also included the sale and delivery of consulting services focused on instrument programming, test time reduction, accuracy and reliability improvement. During his time at Agilent, he served for a period of time as a moderator for the Agilent on-line forum on the topic of Spectrum Analyzer measurements.

Brent's strong points as a consultant center on transmission line theory, vector signal analysis, and instrument programming. He wrote the Agilent customer education course on Uncertainty Analysis.

He holds an Advanced Class amateur radio license (AB9CF), is a skilled piano tuner and loves nature photography when he is not entertaining grandchildren.